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Best Dating Tips for Men!

Write down and keep: Succesful dating tips for men!

Dating can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. Whether you are dating for the first time, or have already done it a couple of times, the what’s and if’s keep coming up. What to wear? What to talk? What if I mess up? And so on…

Whether you are dating a person of the same gender or of the opposite one, you can make your evening a fabulous experience for both of you. Here are some fantastic dating tips to help you make the right impression:

Be Yourself Definitely, But Have your Date in Mind Too

You don’t have to go your way to be someone you are not, but you can certainly make some changes so that you get to be your “best self”. For example, worn-out jeans maybe your favorite, but they may not be the right attire for a date.

dating tips for men

You need not wear a grand blazer but do go out your way to do the small things – have a shower, shave, trim your nails, comb your hair, and show up decently. Your date will more likely be impressed with the time and efforts you have put into your appearance despite your commitments. And lo, you’ve made the right first impression!

Show Healthy Self-Belief

This is one of the most successful dating tips for men; You don’t have to be 6-feet tall or a person with a sexy toned body to impress your date. A healthy dose of self-confidence is enough to attract the right person. Show your confidence by being happy with who you are inside and out.

If you are shy about making a conversation, choose a subject that you are passionate about and share your stories regarding it. Your passion and enthusiasm will shine through, and most likely your date will be all ears to what you have to say.
first date tips for men

Do not be afraid of awkward pauses. If you encounter them, then change the subject or ask questions regarding general topics such as your date’s hobbies and memorable moments.

A dose of realistic positive outlook towards life is also a great puller. Show some positivity towards the future to attract and retain your date’s interest all through the evening.

Talk Less, Listen More 

This is a classic one in the list of dating tips for men. Keep your conversation to a minimum, no matter how enthusiastic you are about the subject. Allow your date to share his/ her inputs. If s/he seems interested in the conversation but is not forthcoming, encourage your date to share experiences by asking questions. Show genuine interest in what he/ she has to say.
A ringing or vibrating phone can be greatly annoying in the midst of a conversation, so, switch off your phone. You will surely earn more points for thoughtfulness from your date with this gesture.

successful dating tips for men

Avoid Whining and Complaining

Your date is not your counselor or psychiatrist. So, avoid turning your evening into a session of what you think is wrong with your life and how you deserve so much more. This will be a clear put-off for your date.

If you have serious issues, maybe you can wait for a few more meetings before revealing them to your date. Keep the early meetings fun and light-hearted. Once you get to know each other, you can express your concerns in a no-nonsense way rather than in a way that seems childish and immature to your date.

Avoid Bringing your Ex into the Conversation

One of the classic first date tips for men, conversations about the ex can be a great put-off. If the subject does come up, keep the answers short without coming across as rude, evasive or worse suspicious.

Ensure that your date knows that you have moved on with your life in a mature way and that the part of your life with your ex is completely over. Assure your date that you are not carrying any emotional baggage.

dating tips

Insist on Sharing the Bill

By sharing the bill, you not only show that you respect the independent spirit of your date but also convey that you are not taking a free ride either. When you set healthy boundaries, you can focus more on the conversation rather than keeping thinking that you owe your date the evening or vice versa. Let your date know of your intention of sharing the bill beforehand.

Let Your Date Know if you Want to Meet Again

If the evening doesn’t turn out to your satisfaction, then simply let your date know that you had a good time and leave it at that. Don’t make any promises of calling your date later.

If the evening was successful, tell your date as soon as possible that you would love to meet him/ her again. Delaying to do so can convey disinterest to the date and end your chances of meeting again.

Meet in Public

Trust takes time to build, so you need to be patient and let your date feel that her comfort is your top priority. To do so, set up your dates in public places, and not in your/her apartment. You can also offer to come to the dated separately so she will feel comfortable and safe around you.

Keep the Conversations Light and Fun

Talking about the serious stuff on the first few dates can be a little awkward, so you should avoid doing that. Instead, keep the conversations light, fun, and be easy going. If your date has relationship potential, you two can hit the hard stuff later on. There will be plenty of time for it.

With these handy tips, it should be easier to make your evening with your date a smooth ride. Here’s to a great evening (and many more sweet evenings) ahead with your date!

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 27, 2020
Sensitive Information!