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I Know He is Not Right for Me, but I Love Him Still

Sometimes, you may feel that your loved one is not the right person for you. You may think like he is not right for me but I love him. At this situation, you will have to accept the reality of a broken heart. You should try to move on. You need to spend less time thinking about him who has broken your heart. You should try quietly but surely eliminate his presence and thoughts. It is very difficult to control your mind to keep the feeling of pain, bad memories or forget the person or the situation related to the causes of your bad time. Some effective ways are discussed here to cope with a broken heart.

Do not ignore the negative emotions

When people experience a broken heart, they try to suppress their negative emotions, which makes sense; no one wants to feel bad. However, trying to ignore negative emotions usually makes them stronger. It's the elephant in the room scenario – if you try to ignore something that is right in front of you, you will end up thinking about it even more. So, while coping with a broken heart brings up negative emotions, you need to try and deal with them; go through these emotions and not around them so you will be able to deal with the situation and mend your broken heart.  

Speak to someone who feels and cares

You can speak out to someone who feels and cares about your feelings when you realize the truth of your life such as he is not right for me. It will help you reduce pain within your mind. It is an amazing way to feel better when you are completely depressed due to your broken heart. When someone can feel what you are going through, they can strengthen your mind when you are shocked the most.

How to Cope with a Broken Heart

Try to heal yourself with time

Time plays a major role in completely getting over a broken heart. At the moment of break up, almost everybody thinks that they will never get back their mental strength to lead a normal life like others. But, God has made human being including some qualities which help everyone to heal their wounds in time. You will get mental stability to accept any type of bad situation or events in life. You will get back your smile again by healing yourself with time.

Learn lessons of real-life from the experience

The experience helps real-life lessons which prevent anyone to do the same over again. If you are not able to do so, you will repeatedly do the same thing and will get the same responses. You should try to find out the answers to several questions which are related to your break up. If you want to build a true relationship, some important things are essential to include within your relationship. These things are trust, open communication, ability to observe matters from each other’s perspective and sensitivity to feel each other’s mental conditions.

Coping a with a Broken Heart

Allow yourself to cry feeling the pain

As a human being, you can feel the pain and react emotionally. When you feel like he is not right for you, you get hurt and touch emotionally. It is very important to let these emotions out of your mind. You should find a safe or suitable place where you can allow yourself to cry and feeling the pain within your mind. It will help you free from being hurt. You will be able to revive your mind to lead a healthy life.

By following the above-mentioned ways, you can cope with a broken heart. It will help you to overcome your bad feelings and situation.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on August 7, 2020
Sensitive Information!