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Dating Statistics in the State of Alaska

If dating myths are to be believed, Alaska should be the top choice for single women looking for love, with a male to female ratio of 10:1, and men who are too interested in fishing or other outdoor activities to even think about pursuing women on the regular.

But unfortunately, that is not the case. The state has the highest man to woman ratio in the United States of America. In addition, coupled with that, the state of Alaska also has the highest number of rape reports around the country. Over 37% of the women in the state have reported sexual assault, whether it is harassment molestation or rape. These numbers are especially frightening when taking into consideration that this is a state which has 52% men, and 48% women.

Obviously, the high number of male to female does not explain the rape culture prevalent in the state. In states like Georgia, women far outnumber the men, and there is no issue there. What is wrong with Alaska is its toxic, masculine culture. Over 60% of men feel that if they buy a woman a drink, they are entitled to 'own' her for the night. And if she does not allow herself to be owned, they will do so, by force.

Alaska Dating Statistics

Dating Statistics in the State

Despite the state ranking so negatively on the Dating scale, there is obviously love to be found in Alaska as well. Over 27% of the relationships that start online end up successful, leaving 73% of people to find love in the streets of Alaska. With a median age of 33, there seems to be a sense of urgency in the people, which would also explain the high rape and physical crime statistics. In addition, factors such as age, gender preference, lifestyle, and religion also play a huge role when seeking out partners in the state.

Online Dating Statistics in the State
In even sadder news, the statistics for online dating does not bode well for the state either. Ranked number 2 out of 50 states for the Most Dangerous State for Online Dating Alaska has slowly made a name for itself in being generally untrustworthy. However, men are not completely to blame. In a state that has 2.5 men for every single woman, the competition is immense, and men try every trick in the book to get and keep the attention on them.

Online Dating Stats Alaska

Dating Crime Statistics in the State

Physical violence is a deadly open secret that goes on behind almost every neighborhood in Alaska, with 6 out of 10 women reporting instances of physical or sexual abuse from their partner at one point. Unfortunately, due to its toxic societal culture, most of the time, the cases go unreported, even when the evidence is out for everyone to see. Moreover, in addition to this, even when a woman does find the courage to break out of her toxic relationship, there are high chances that she may fall into another one, as unfortunately, the culture of violence in Alaska is too widespread to be easily let go.

Alaska is surely a dangerous place for young people looking for love, especially when they are of the fairer sex. With high incidences of violence against women, and unsuccessful attempts to meet people online and start of something with them, it should come as no shock that the citizens of Alaska, especially women, look towards neighboring states for opportunities of love, and many more choices to move out instead of choosing to stay in a toxic and a masculine society, with no place for them.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on February 20, 2020
Sensitive Information!