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Dating Statistics in the State of Louisiana

There's more to having a successful dating experience than just looking good and having a pleasant personality. Where that person lives can play an important role in determining how their overall experience in relationships can shape up. The certain States in the United States have a much higher rate of success when it comes to dating and relationships, and some others don't fare well at all.

Louisiana stands somewhere in the middle of this, despite also being the highest-ranked State in the country when it comes to an overall number of singles per capita. What this means is that even though most people in the State stay single, there is also an interest in pursuing dating. Louisiana also fared decently when it comes to the number of places people can go to pursue dating and relationships, yet despite this, anyone looking to enter a serious relationship or a long term dating experience needs to be aware of the overall statistics related to dating when it comes to the State of Louisiana.

Dating Statistics in Louisiana

WalletHub conducted their own research on dating and relationships across every State in America. They ranked the overall dating experience along with several factors, such as the number of places available that encourage dating, median earnings that can reflect an interest in dating and even how much fun and romance people in a certain State are interested in.

Louisiana Dating Statistics

Based on these findings, it was discovered that Louisiana came in at 29th across the country when it came to dating and relationships. While this is not a very high rank, it is not a very low rank either. Louisiana ranked 23rd in the country when it came to the availability of dating opportunities within the State. This is higher than over half the country, but the State's high number of singles is reflective of certain other data that also featured in this list.

Louisiana ranked 39th, that is, towards the bottom, when it came to the economics of dating. This means that people in the State have a harder time fitting in dating, and relationship into their budget, or choose not to spend on dating and relationships more often than many other States in America. It also ranked 30th when it came to fun and romance. Again, while this is not near the bottom, at least half the country fares better than Louisiana to experience fun in their dating experience.

Louisiana ranks first, the highest in the country, for a number of singles in the State. The number of singles is highly gender-neutral as well, as the State ranks 4th when it comes to gender-balanced singles in a State.

Online Dating Stats Louisiana

Online Dating Statistics in Louisiana

Louisiana is not the place to be if online dating is how someone wants to meet their next true love. It ties with Alabama at the 46th position for interest and activity related to online dating.

The State has a higher number of singles than anywhere else in the country, and together with a lack of interest in overall dating, the statistics show that Louisiana may not be the best State for having an active online dating experience.

Dating Crime Statistics in the State

Crimes related to dating, especially online dating are extremely high in the State of Louisiana. Even WalletHub ranks it as 48th in the list of crime rates where 1 is the lowest and 50 is the highest. The State also has an extremely high rate of teenage pregnancy.

Dating is not uncommon in Louisiana, but it is one of the States in America where there is a real need to ensure one's safety and security. While dating and relationship can be fun, it is very important to be safe during the experience. Anyone looking to date in Louisiana should choose their partners carefully in order to avoid STDs, becoming victims of crime or having an otherwise unpleasant experience. Practicing standard safety practices such as informing a friend or family member about who the data is and where it is happening, as well as using contraceptives will ensure a safe and good dating experience in Louisiana.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 29, 2020
Sensitive Information!