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Dating Statistics in the State of Missouri

The state of Missouri offers something for everyone. It has tiny towns and big cities and boasts attractions ranging from hiking expeditions to art galleries. It has all the fillings for a couple to make it their home. The state is considered one of the most unique, passionate, and friendliest in the United State. So, it is easy for people to fall in love here.

Dating Statistics in Missouri

According to the latest demographic data shared by the Census Bureau in December 2018, the population of Missouri stood at about 6,075,300. It is considered to be the maximum among all the other states in this region. About 30 percent of the state’s population never got married even once while the percentage of the population who are single was 49 percent in the state. It also signifies that there are quite a large number of people who are dating prospects.

Missouri Dating Statistics

Online Dating Statistics in Missouri

Today, it is commonplace to use mobile hookup apps and dating services and Missouri is not an exception to that. These apps and sites are socially accepted today though they had a social stigma attached even some years ago.

A Pew Study conducted recently indicating that the percentages of people in the age-group of 18-24 years who are using such online dating apps have almost tripled during the last 4 years. While the percentage of such people was just 10 percent in 2013, it jumped to around 27 percent in 2017. The same study revealed that 80 percent of the users of online dating services agree that they are a great way of meeting new people. On the other hand, merely 16 percent of the respondents felt that people using those online dating websites are desperate.

A report shared from the Knot exposed that in 2017; most of the brides in the state met their spouses through online dating. It also suggests that online dating is showing an upward curve. However, despite the growing popularity of such dating apps and online dating sites, the prospect of meeting someone in the virtual world for the first time can be quite scary. People often find that the same people are quite different when there is face-to-face interaction as they act quite differently. Plus, there is also the safety quotient to be thought of. tried to do a bit of a study to delve deep into the world of online dating in Missouri and shared a report to display the states that are safest for online dating.

Online Dating Stats Missouri

Dating Crime Statistics in Missouri

Missouri has been recently acknowledged as the riskiest state in the United States of America for the purpose of online dating, according to The site considered 3 major factors for arriving at such a conclusion and is as follows:

  1. A high rate of identity thefts
  2. High rates for infection of common Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and
  3. A high rate of violent crimes

According to the website, it is the high rate of identity theft in the state that led to it being the most dangerous state for online dating.

So, although there has been an increase in the number of users for online dating services, the incidents of assault and rapes have also gone up along with cases concerning identity thefts and money scams. The agency also took into account the rate of STD infection and violent crime rates in the state. However, the saving grace here was that Missouri faced the greatest volume of identity thefts while online dating over anything else. So, despite the worry, the violent crime rate is negligible.

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 20, 2020
Sensitive Information!