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Second Date Tips for Guys! 

Guys - Check out these awesome second date tips!

You have been your best self and impressed your date on the first date. You have also struck the right cord and earned the second date. So, now what? The second date can sometimes be as daunting as the first date. But guys, relax, here are some of the coolest second date tips for men that actually work-

1. The right ice breaker can set the mood: Greet her with a warm hug and that genuine smile on your face. Your body language says it all the moment she lays her eyes on you. Make her feel more comfortable. This would help her be her honest self. So, you would be able to peel off a few layers and understand her better during the second date.

Second Date

2. Get casual on that dress: On your first date, you must have meticulously put together an outfit that can impress your partner. For the second date, choose something mellow, something that is perhaps more aligned with your personality. From the second date onwards it is more about your personality than your dress style.

3. Choose experience over a gift: Pick some fun activity based on your common interests. You could choose a quiet day trip or even an adventure trek- it’s totally up to the two of you.

4. Show that you care through gestures: Some people might buy flowers or gifts. While this might work with some women, a no-risk approach, if you are looking for effective second date tips for guys, would be, to show your affection in simple gestures. You could perhaps talk about something that she mentioned on the first date. This would show that you were actually listening and that you are genuinely interested.

Second Date Tips

5. The second date would be the time when it is alright to start flirting, but with limits of course!

6. You do not have to spend a fortune: Your first date was perhaps something fancy, something expensive based on all the best dating tips you received. But your second date doesn’t have to be. Even your girl will like it if you try and keep it simple on the second date.

7. Keep it bright on your second date: You might have struck a good rapport but that doesn’t always mean that the girl might be ready to spend time in privacy. Therefore choose something that you can do during the day time. This would indicate that you are not rushing things but letting them unfold at their pace.

8. Talk about new things: Asking questions on the first date must have been difficult without knowing what would ring a bell in her. But if you had actually listened to her conversation during the first date you would know a little about her likes and dislikes. Use this knowledge to ask the right questions on your second date.

Second Date Tips for Guys

9. Be as flexible as possible: Most people choose specific time limits for their first date. This gives predictability for both the people rather than having any speculations about where and how things would be going next. But with the second date, choose a convenient day where both of you could meet without deciding the time limit. This would help you explore your relationship and get to know each other without boundaries.

10. Talk about a third date: If you are not sure about how she might react, you could give subtle hints and look for an answer. And if that doesn’t work, you can always directly ask her out on a third date, which possibly could be a more intimate one. 

A second date can be the doorway to a third date, or the end of the short-lived relationship. One thing that can tip the scales for the latter option is nerves; while it can be difficult to get over second date jitters, you need to get over them if you want to have a successful date. If it helps, run some topics in your head so you will have something to talk about. Going to a second date when you are cool and calm will help you have a great date, and you will be able to easily speak to your date.  

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Search for anyone in the United States! 100% Confidential! Updated on January 26, 2020
Sensitive Information!