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Hawaii Public Records

Hawaii, the last state to join the U.S, is home to 1,428,557 residents and is the only state that is located in Oceania and composed of islands. The vital records of the islands' residents date back as early as 1853, and include birth records, death records and marriage records. Some of the records are public records and are held by the Hawaii Administrative Offices of the Courts and are available from 1909. Older records are harder to access and require special permission in order to be revealed. Divorce records of Hawaii residents are also available, but are restricted to 1951-2002 files.

Hawaii Crime Rate and Criminal Records

The oceanic state of Hawaii has a crime rate of 4,090 crimes committed per every 100,000 residents. The prison population in Hawaii as of 2015 was 3,769 inmates found in 8 state prisons and also in federal prisons. The criminal records of prisoners, past and present, are held by the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center. The information includes arrest records, sexual offences and other offences that have resulted in convictions and it eventually becomes a matter of public record.

Hawaii Economy

The two largest cities in Hawaii in terms of population are Urban Honolulu, with a population of 351,792 residents, and East Honolulu with a population of 47,957. The median household income in Urban Honolulu is $64,658 and in East Honolulu, the number is 112,548. The economy of this unique state has some major sources of income including the number one revenue stream – tourism. Following tourism, we find the military industry of the U.S army that has bases in the islands of Hawaii as the second largest source of revenue. The third major industry in Hawaii is agriculture that is based on growing and exporting sugar, pineapples, macadamia nuts and more.

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