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Pennsylvania Public Records

Pennsylvania, also known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is located in the Mid-Atlantic and northeastern areas in the USA, with a population of 12,805,537 residents. The Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Vital Records holds the birth records and death records of the residents of the state, but they are not considered public records. Marriage records and divorce records at the state of Pennsylvania are public records and they are available from 1885 (marriages) and 1804 (divorces).

Pennsylvania Crime Rate and Criminal Records

The crime rate in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is 2,128 violent and property crimes committed per every 100,000 residents. The criminal population in Pennsylvania is 86,298 inmates in both jails and prisons across the state. The state of Pennsylvania operates 23 correctional facilities in various security levels. Criminal public records are kept by the Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System, and in order to access them, one must file the proper forms regarding the desired information.

Pennsylvania Economy

As of 2016, the two major cities in Pennsylvania are Philadelphia with a population of 1,567,872 residents, and Pittsburgh with a population of 303,625 residents. The median household income in Philadelphia is $41,233, and in Pittsburgh, the median household income is $41,293. In 2016, the state of Pennsylvania's GDP was $719.8 billion – the 6th highest in the nation. The major industries in the state that contributed to this number are fabricated metal products, chemicals industry, Industrial equipment and machinery, publishing and printing and also the food industry.

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