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What is Unclaimed Money?

There is is close to 60 Billion Dollars that is available with state governments, financial institutions, and/or companies. The most common reason is ‘no owner contact’ for forgotten checking and savings accounts, as well as security deposits, IRS unclaimed refunds, uncollected insurance checks and even inheritance that is simply sitting; untouched.

So what is exactly is unclaimed money to put it in simple words? It is uncollected property also known as missing money, that is waiting to be collected by its rightful owner. GoLookUp gives you instant access to collective records for all 50 states in the United States. GoLookUp directs you to the right place to get your form and helps you start the process to collect wha is owed to you! Start your search today! Searching is free, however, creating an account requires a fee!

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How Unclaimed Money Data Base Looks like

Unclaimed Money: Get What is Rightfully Yours!

60 billion dollars – this is the mind-boggling sum of unclaimed money tied up in unknown pension funds, bonds, government agencies and other official establishments across the US. Taking into account the financial instability that many people in America experience today, an infusion of funds from these type of sources can be very helpful.

Finding these lost funds is very difficult without the proper tools, but with GoLookUps search tools, you can find and get the money that is rightfully yours.

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Free Unclaimed Money Search. Is it Really Free?

What does it mean when websites advertise themselves as a “Free”?

Collecting data records from multiple sources and obtaining proper documents can be costly. Real website services require a fee to use their services to help you locate money. Though you can perform a free search on government websites by yourself. This would take you much longer and can be very time consuming.

When you register for an account with GoLookUp, you get immediate access to other services such as: Background Checks, Reverse Email, Address Information, Social Search, People Search, Criminal Records, Arrest Records, Mugshots, Sex Offenders And Much More!

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Why Should You Create an Account?

GoLookUp is the best unclaimed money website for a reason. Not only does GoLookUp let its users search through hundreds of millions of records, We allow you to set up alerts and get notified if any data related to you updates!

How Do you Collect Your Data?

GoLookUp connects and aggregates unclaimed money information and other public data records from various public data sources. All data and information is updated constantly and we are always working on improving data and information we provide our users.

Background Checks

When you search for Unclaimed Money with GoLookUp, you get immediate access to Background Checks and Public Records Search. When you search for public records you can get court records, arrest records, mugshots records, marriage and divorce records and much more information. You can download your background check report, or email it to yourself easily!

Reverse Phone Lookup

Blocking spam callers and catching cheaters has never been easier. When you create your GoLookUp account, you will get unlimited access to reverse phone searches. A reverse phone search will allow you to identify who is behind any number that has been calling you, or spamming you. You will also be able to view social profiles and images of the phone number owner associated with the phone number you are seeking information about.

Reverse Email

Not sure who is behind the email that is being sent to you? GoLookUp lets you search any email in the United States and find out its owner. When you create your Unclaimed Money account you also get unlimited access to reverse email search service by GoLookup!

Sex Offender Search

Your GoLookUp membership will allow you to search nearly 1 million sex offenders living in the United States. In order to search for sex offenders living near you, simply enter your zip code into the sex offender tab in GoLookUp dashboard and GoLookUp will return all sex offenders living near you. You will be able to view mugshots as well as current and previous addresses. GoLookUp lets you download a pdf report or email a report to any email!

Arrest Records

Access to public records such as arrest records is also a part of the GoLookUp membership. Once you create your account you will be able to search for arrest records, inmates inside prisons and warrants. GoLookUp court records and police records allow you to retrieve all public records in real time!

Reverse Address Lookup

If you ever need information about an address or property in the United States, GoLookUp has the solution for you. Once you create your account you will get complete access to reverse address lookups, which will give you all the information you need about any address or property in the United States!

GoLookUp Membership Account Will give You Complete Access to:

Police Records

Police Records

Arrest Records

Arrest Records

Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers

Background Checks

Background Checks



Public Images

Public Images

Why Running a Search is a Must!

GoLookUp lets you search for unclaimed assets without any risk. When you perform your search, you will be able to check and see if there might be any property that could belong to you or someone that may be related to you! You do not have to decide on creating a membership with GoLookUp services, until you perform your search! Missing money numbers are on the rise in the United States, and GoLookUp makes it easy to find and locate missing money. GoLookUp aggregates all government data bases into one easy to read report and platform.

When you run a search, you can also tap into background checks, reverse phone lookups, reverse email, criminal records, mugshots, arrest records and much more! Finding detailed, deep web information has never been easier. So what are you waiting for? Start searching for today

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