Shoplifting Laws in Oregon: Learn About Oregon Shoplifting Laws

by Rannie A.

Oregon Shoplifting Laws, Shoplifting Laws Oregon

What are the Shoplifting Laws in Oregon

Although offenses related to shoplifting and theft are extremely common, it does not necessarily signify that the punishments for these crimes are lenient. In case a person is slapped with theft-related charges, his.her next step should be to contact a good criminal attorney to represent their case in the court. Irrespective of whether a person has been charged with theft of services or shoplifting, they could have to pay hefty fines and even face a jail term upon conviction, as well as, restitution.

It is important to point out in this context that the shoplifting laws are not the same in all American states. However, the crime itself is quite consistent in nature. in case a person robs an item from a retail store, hide anything having the intent to steal it, or alters the price tag of the merchandise for deceiving the store owner. the person could face charges related to shoplifting. In Oregon, shoplifting is a criminal offense with stringent punishments including prison time and potential fines. Also, apart from facing a criminal charge in the court, a shoplifter can be prosecuted by the store owner in a civil court for damage recovery.

Oregon Shoplifting Laws
Shoplifting laws in Oregon

The state of Oregon penalizes shoplifting in the same manner as a theft. A theft is said to have been committed if an individual takes an item or items with the intention of depriving the store owner. For instance, a shoplifter removes some items from a shop without paying for them. The commission of theft can also take place by deception i.e. by giving an incorrect impression of value, which the accused knows to be false. In Oregon, theft by deception might cover scenarios where an individual changes price tags for paying less for that item than its actual retail value.

Criminal penalties for shoplifting in Oregon

  1. In Wisconsin, the third-degree theft refers to the offense of stealing an item whose value is below 100 USD. The offense is treated as a Class C misdemeanor and the convicted is punished by a fine of 1,250 USD and/or maximum jail time of 30 days.
  2. The second-degree theft is said to have been committed in Wisconsin when the stolen item's value is between 100 USD and 1,000 USD. The offense is regarded as a Class A misdemeanor and the guilty are punished by a fine amount of 6,250 USD and maximum jail time of 1 year.
  3. The first-degree theft refers to stealing merchandise whose value is over 1,000 USD, theft or stealing, a firearm, which takes place during an emergency like a riot. The offense is considered a Class C felony and the guilty are punished with a fine of 125,000 and a maximum jail term of 5 years
  4. An aggravated theft in the 1st0degree is one where the value of the stolen item is over 10,000 USD. The offense is a Class B felony and the convicted is penalized with a fine of 250,000 USD and a maximum jail term of 10 years.
Oregon Shoplifting Laws

Civil liability for shoplifting in Oregon

In Wisconson, juvenile or minor shoplifter's legal guardian or the parents or adult shoplifters may be prosecuted in the state civil court by the merchants who have been the victim of the defendant's shoplifting. These shop owners can sue the accused for the actual damage they suffered as a result of the shoplifting and claim a penalty, which is the shoplifted item's actual retail value, which is a maximum of 500 USD for an adult shoplifter while the juvenile convict's legal guardian or parent has to pay 250 USD apart from an extra-fine amount between 100 USD and 250 USD.

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