Shoplifting Laws in Nevada: Learn About Nevada Shoplifting Laws

by Ruffa O.

Nevada Shoplifting Laws, Shoplifting Laws Nevada

What are Shoplifting Laws in Nevada?

Shoplifting is also called ‘larceny’ in Nevada. In this U.S state, shoplifting is a serious crime wherein the offender will be charged with a severe fine and prison sentence.

Larceny refers to stealing the property or merchandise belonging to a retail store or mall by concealing the same underclothes, in a bag or on a person with the intention of possessing it permanently. This is cheating the merchant, causing losses that are many a time unrecoverable. The retail industry in the United States for long has been suffering from shoplifting; in fact, losses arising out of larceny amount to millions of dollars each year.

Nevada state has devised stringent laws and regulations to deal with the offenders and penalties relating to larceny vary with the value of the stolen goods.

If a person is arrested for stealing $650 or more of retail property, he may face the Nevada felony of grand larceny charge. On the other hand, if he is arrested for shoplifting goods less than $650, then he might face charges for Nevada misdemeanor of petit larceny. If a person enters a store in Nevada with the intention of stealing merchandise, he will face burglary as well as larceny charges.

Nevada Shoplifting Laws

Shoplifting laws Nevada: Defenses

If you are charged with a larceny offense, you might well consult a Nevada legal professional that may explore some defenses.

  • Lack of intent: If your lawyer is able to prove that you intended to return the merchandise and had no intention of walking away without paying for them, the charges against you have all the chances of getting dismissed.
  • Mistaken identity: If your attorney can prove that it was not you who actually shoplifted, the charges can be dropped.
  • You paid for the items: The retail merchant might have forgotten that you paid for the goods and that you owned them. The larceny charges can easily be dismissed if your lawyer can prove that you owned the merchandise.

Shoplifting laws Nevada: Penalties

There are two categories relating to shoplifting or larceny in Nevada:

Petty Larceny (NRS 205.240)

This kind of theft is considered a misdemeanor in Nevada and carries a sentence of up to 6 months in prison along with a fine of up to $1000 and restitution. If the offense is committed for the first time, you may get away by paying the fine and restitution however, you might be required to complete the ‘Petit Larceny School’.

Shoplifting Laws Nevada

Grand Larceny (NRS 205.220)

  • The penalty for this kind of shoplifting varies depending upon the value of the merchandise stolen. If the value ranges between $650-$3499.99, it is considered as a class C felony and carries restitution, up to $10,000 fine along with a 1-5year prison sentence.
  • If the value of the shoplifted items is $3500 or over, it is regarded as a class B felony and carries restitution, up to $10,000 fine along with 1-10years of a jail sentence.
  • If a person is charged with burglary for a larceny incident, he will face a class B felony sentence that carries up to $10,000 fine coupled with a prison sentence that might range between 1-10 years. However, if the person possesses a weapon during the time of committing the offense, he might face a jail sentence ranging between 2-15 years.

Shoplifting or larceny might seem a very minor charge but the consequences will haunt the accused for life. While some stores ban the convicted from ever entering their property, employers suspend or mercilessly fire such as people from jobs. Social status and reputation also get damaged regardless of whether the suspect is proved guilty or not.

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