Shoplifting Laws in New Hampshire: Learn About New Hampshire Shoplifting Laws

by Chris A.

New Hampshire Shoplifting Laws, Shoplifting Laws New Hampshire

What Are Shoplifting Laws In New Hampshire?

Shoplifting is the stealing of goods from a retail store by concealing the same underclothes, on a person or in a bag. The retail industry in the U.S has been suffering huge losses every year due to shoplifting; the authorities have thus devised stringent laws and penalties for the crime. The accused, if proved guilty, will be required to pay hefty fines besides serving a prison sentence, which of course depends upon the value of the goods shoplifted or damages suffered by the merchant. Shoplifting in New Hampshire is considered a serious crime and the guilty punished severely.

Shoplifting is not uncommon but that certainly does not mean that the offense is taken lightly. Each and every state in the U.S has provisions relating to shoplifting that generally fall under the ‘theft’ statute. The penalty can be truly harsh if the shoplifter comes with a criminal record or if the value of the goods stolen from the store is exceptionally high. In New Hampshire, shoplifting is better termed as ‘Willful Concealment’.

New Hampshire Shoplifting Laws
In New Hampshire, it is believed that rampant shoplifting leads to a rise in the prices of goods. It is to be noted here that this kind of theft is a misdemeanor offense; if convicted, the person will be required to face a 12- month prison sentence along with a $2000 fine. However, the tougher part is getting on with the routine life after being arrested for shoplifting; the accused might lose his job and social reputation, even though he’s proved not guilty.

You Are Guilty of Stealing or Shoplifting If You:

  • Willfully remove merchandise or goods from the store premises
  • Alter, remove or transfer price tag attached to the merchandise
  • Cause the sales recording machine or cash register to reflect a lower price than the actual
  • Intentionally transfer goods from one container to another for self-benefit

You need not leave the store in order to be accused; you can still be charged with the offense if you intentionally conceal an item to possess it permanently.

Shoplifting Laws New Hampshire
More About New Hampshire Shoplifting Laws

  • A shoplifter in New Hampshire is liable to pay for the damages incurred by the merchant; he shall be required to pay $200 plus the stock or the merchandise value if it is rendered unrecoverable.
  • A merchant who has suffered losses due to shoplifting can file a suit in the civil court where he can recover for the civic damages.
  • The merchant and the shoplifter can enter into a settlement agreement wherein the shoplifter agrees to return the goods or pay the value of the same within 60 days from the date of the agreement.

Subsequent Convictions

If two shoplifting offenses are committed within 36 months and the third concealment also occurs within the same period, the third offense will be considered as a class B felony and not just a misdemeanor.

So, even if it would otherwise be a class A misdemeanor, the third act committed with the same intention will be regarded as a serious class B felony. Multiple charges are seriously taken into account in New Hampshire since such cases, if ignored, make a negative impact on the community.

Stores In New Hampshire Alert

Retail stores and malls in New Hampshire have installed security cameras that continuously monitor the people moving around the store. If something unusual is noticed, the merchant in a reasonable manner can detain the offender for a reasonable time. Several stores also ban the convicted person from ever entering their store while the court has all the authority to ban the offender from a store or mall for a long time.

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